2019 Young Architect Conference – Portland, Oregon

Young Architect Conference

  • Who: You!
  • What: The Young Architect Conference
  • When: Friday August 23 through Sunday August 25 2019
  • Where: Redd on Salmon Street (831 SE Salmon St, Portland, OR 97214)
  • Why: Join future leaders in the profession of architecture and community to discuss and explore topics of Leadership, Connection, and Service within architecture.
  • Visit https://conference.youngarchitect.com/ for up to date conference notes including a current roster of speakers, list of workshops, FAQ, etc.

This August, Portland will host the first Young Architect Conference. A three-day, ultra-immersive event focused on Leadership, Connection, and Service in the national architecture community consisting of keynote speakers, workshops and social gathering/networking opportunities.

It’s impossible to share information about The Young Architect Conference without first sharing about THE Young Architect, Michael Riscica.

Michael is currently crisscrossing the United States giving free lectures and hosting events at Architecture schools and local AIA chapter offices. The subject matter is simple: how do we unite, encourage and mentor the next generation of architects? The gatherings provide a positive environment designed to united and support the next generation of architects.

The YoungArchitect website serves as a resources with free blog posts, pod casts, job board paired with a rapidly growing Facebook group. The site also offers an array of products including books and training courses geared toward passing the Architect Registration Exam. He was recently listed on Architizer’s Top 25 Young Architects to Watch in 2019.

Pink Party Poster_5x7

The practice of architecture is in an unprecedented shift with the exponential ramping of technology, building science and practical sustainability. The processes and standards for taking a piece of architecture from concept to completion has been (like many other professional industries) met with disruption.

Noted in Thom Mayne’s interview at the 2005 AIA Convention in Las Vegas: “Change or Perish…If you want to survive, you’re going to have to change. If you don’t change, you’re going to perish. Simple as that. It’s such a basic thing. You will not practice architecture if you’re not up to speed with this. You will absolutely not practice architecture in ten years. I have no doubt about it, no question. It’s changing very rapidly. My office doesn’t resemble what it did fifteen years ago.”

Put simply, young architects have acknowledged the need to come together, unite and share learnings for the opportunity to thrive in the everchanging profession. With new media platforms, we are more connected than ever, and information flow is rapid and flows freely more than ever.

The conference offering includes:

  • Interactive workshops designed to accelerate growth for Students, Emerging Professionals, and Young Practicing Architects
  • Inspiration from highly-successful Young People in the profession
  • Connection with a community of supportive peers from Portland and across the country.
  • The conference will be bookended by two Young Architect parties.

I’m inspired to create this article and share information about The Young Architect Conference not as a casual observer but as a message for this conference as a necessity for the future of architecture.

The Redd

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