Your First Cold Call.

Consider this: every call was a cold first.

Think about all of the people that you currently know very well: your significant other, your neighbor, your colleagues, your college roommate… Everything is usually created from something else and that something else is usually a “cold call” of sorts. When you think about it, your entire current network was once a cold call. Do you agree?

I remember when I cold called my future college roommate. Some may say it was a warm call given that we both were accepted into the same school and both assigned to room 303; but it felt cold because I knew nothing about the person on the other end of the phone. Those calls get made and the more the better; if you are genuine and go all-in right away then you are positioning yourself to reap the benefits. Perhaps unsurprisingly, said relationship has lasted all of these years, and it all started with a shaky-voiced cold call.

It is tough however to try this with people that think you have an ‘angle’ or aren’t being honest. Perhaps too many late evening calls from Glengarry Glen Ross types have jaded us to be suspicious of offers or things that appear “too good to be true.”

Truth is, the more high-pressure salespeople and marketing tricks there are flooding our general space the less likely a simple and authentic approach can shine through and be recognized. I believe this is why the cold call gets a bad rap in the first place because it is seen as disingenuous. We are careful with our trust because it is a reliable fall back to what we know and believe. Perhaps the cold call tries to falsely pierce our layer of trust which is why the practice takes so much heat?

At this point, (with LinkedIn and other social media platforms) it seems more difficult to find someone that you don’t have at least one thing in common with to talk about and connect on. If you don’t see one right off, you can always work to develop one.

Building trust is the name of the game and the cold call, or any variation of new age cold call-esque techniques is the antithesis to the cultivation of trust. Be yourself and be genuine, don’t run a script or try to employ researched techniques for when/how to contact someone. Being yourself makes you 100% unique; no books/seminars/articles/lists on techniques/tips/tricks necessary.

I’m not sure what my original commentary was on this subject of cold calling. I suppose that it is to forge an authentic connection immediately because, why not? It’s much easier to vet someone over time if they have your trust than if they do not. If you give someone your trust right away and they never end up letting you down, well then there you go. Give it a try.

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